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ODM Services Roadmap
Planning Section

Planning Phase

Embark on our structured Planning Phase, designed to facilitate your product's seamless development. We commence with a personalized call, delving into your project requirements for a comprehensive grasp of your unique vision. Prioritizing confidentiality, we formalize security measures by signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and seamlessly receiving any project-specific files. We conduct an in-depth project analysis, identifying potential challenges/bottlenecks and outlining a strategic roadmap for a clear trajectory.

Next, we transparently generate a detailed quotation based on your Request for Quotation (RFQ), providing insights into timelines and project scope. Engaging in collaborative discussions about commercials, we ensure alignment with your budgetary considerations. We then sign agreements structured around a milestone-based delivery schedule. This milestone-driven approach ensures efficiency and clarity, guiding your product development journey from concept to reality.

Planning Section

Engineering Phase

Mechanical Design

In the mechanical design phase, we start by engaging in a dynamic brainstorming session with your design team, aiming to extract every nuance of your product vision. Sketching up concept models, we bring ideas to life visually. Once a design direction is chosen, we proceed to craft detailed mockup models, refining them based on your preferences. The final touch involves meticulous mechanical design and product 3D CAD modeling, ensuring precision and manufacturability.

Electrical Design

In Electrical Design, precision is paramount. We start by refining hardware subsystems, ensuring they align precisely with your product specifications. Transitioning seamlessly, we dive into Electrical Schematic Design, mapping out the intricacies of your product's electrical architecture, and optimizing for reliability and cost. With a keen eye for efficiency, we then undertake PCB Layout, optimizing your product's electronic foundation for peak performance. This phase sets the stage for the robust electronic core of your product.

Software Development

IIn the realm of software development, we delve into the core intelligence of your product. The journey begins with embedded firmware design, crafting the software that powers your hardware seamlessly. Our expertise extends to app development for iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a rich and intuitive user experience. Simultaneously, we delve into web development, creating dashboards and platforms that complement and enhance the functionality of your hardware product. This integration completes the trifecta of a holistic product engineering approach.

Planning Section

Prototyping Phase

In the Prototyping Phase, we make rough mockups of the mechanical structure of your product with in-house precise 3D printers capable of supporting multiple types of materials for your desired application. These are shipped to the client for tangible evaluations. We work closely with our ecosystem partners to facilitate high-density, multi-layer, impedance-controlled PCB manufacturing followed by PCB assembly with Automated optical inspection and testing.

Enhance your product using cutting-edge manufacturing methods, such as Silicone Molding (available in any Pantone color shade for low-volume, highly refined products), precise CNC Machining for accuracy, and optional custom color painting for a flawless CMF finish. Our Prototyping Phase is your gateway to transforming concepts into tangible, functional prototypes ready for testing and refinement at the lowest cost possible.

Planning Section

Production Phase

The last step is the production phase. It commences with Component Sourcing, where we diligently select premium components, ensuring the bedrock of your product is of the highest quality and making sure that there are minimal supply chain disruptions for the part. Transition seamlessly to Pilot Production, crafting initial units for real-world testing and refinement.

Our Production Planning ensures a streamlined process, optimizing efficiency and timelines. Meticulous Quality Control guarantees that each unit meets the pinnacle of industry standards. We can help navigate seamlessly through certification processes, ensuring your product complies with industry norms based on the standards needed. Finally, scale effortlessly with Mass Manufacturing, delivering your perfected product to the market with precision. Our dedicated Logistics management ensures a smooth transition from production to your customers' hands. Your vision, is now a tangible reality.

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