Who are we?

We at Creatyea specialize in providing a comprehensive platform for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. We are a trusted partner in the journey of product design and component purchase, catering to a diverse range of customers since 2018. With our extensive product catalog, user-friendly interface, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to be the go-to destination for all electronics-related needs.

Our Vision

We strive to be the ultimate destination for product design and component purchase, offering a comprehensive platform that combines cutting-edge technology, extensive resources, and exceptional customer service. At Creatyea, our mission is to be more than just a website; we aspire to be a catalyst for innovation, a source of inspiration, and a platform that empowers individuals to transform their electronic dreams into reality. Together, let's unleash the power of creativity and make a meaningful impact on the world of electronics.

Who we are

Our Services

At Creatyea, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive solution to your electronic component needs. With our extensive product catalogue over 2.5 million unique components, you'll find everything you require in one place, streamlining your sourcing journey.

We offer engineering services for your electronic product in the areas of PCB design, DFM Analysis, BOM optimization and price reduction, Reverse Engineering, Mechanical Design, Visual Product Design, Firmware development and physical product prototyping and mass manufacturing. Drop us a mail to discuss.

Research & Design Support

From startups to global enterprises, we assist companies in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing their products. With an unparalleled array of components, development kits and and experienced engineering tea, we can be an essential component of your product research and design process.

Our extensive catalog of products and components are updated every day. Whether you're looking for the latest components from leading global brands, or innovative technologies from up-and-coming manufacturers, Creatyea can help you to find it, ship it in no time. If you can't find a part of your choice. Request a quote and we will find it for you.

Research and Design
Design right the first time

Design Right the First Time

We reliably deliver the high-quality parts that our customers need. Find thousands of electronic parts using partial part numbers or description searches. With an Interactive Parametric Search, find the perfect component to fit your ends by filtering. We can help avoid unplanned redesign and manage obsolescence risk parts before manufacturing your first PCBs.

Gain up-to date information on delays, shortages and global market shifts to mitigate risks within your supply chain. Keep a track of our stocks to get a pulse of the global availability of stocks.

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